Hey what's up! I am Dylan Dong. Currently, I am a front end engineer at The Sky Guys in Toronto. I obtained my MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. My supervisor is Prof. Tamara Munzner. Before I came to UBC, I received my MEng degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and my BEng degree in Electronic Information Engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China. You can find my résumé here.

In my free time (apart from coding), I like listening to music, reading and travelling. I like pop, dance pop, EDM, dance, alternative, and country music. I'm also interested in music theory.



Software Developer
2017.10 - Present
  • Develop frontend of the client cloud system for mobile devices, key features include mission planning, request creation, data management, data visualization, billing management, profile management, etc
  • Develop web-based frontend of the client cloud system, key features include mission planning, request creation, data management, data visualization, billing management, profile management, etc.
  • Develop web-based frontend of DX3's ground control system, key features include waypoint setup, drone configuration, real-time flight monitoring, image browsing, task creation, etc.
  • Develop frontend to analyze real-time drone data based on the DJI SDK.
  • Software Developer
    2017.5 - 2017.9
  • Build web application to visualize KPIs, A/B testing data and Google Analytics data from Q.I. Leap’s recom- mendation platform. Also available on mobile devices.
  • Build web application to help users create/edit coupons with preview on the fly. Also available on mobile devices.
  • Develop web crawler to get data from London Drugs.
  • Teaching Assistant
    2015.9 - Present
  • Introduction to Relational Databases
      Duty: leading projects, leading tutorials, marking homework
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
      Duty: marking homework
  • Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
      Duty: marking homework
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
      Duty: leading labs
  • Software Construction
      Duty: leading labs
  • Software Developer
    2013.9 - 2015.9
  • Developed a knowledge base software using Flask and Elasticsearch.
  • Developed and maintained two knowledge base software based on MediaWiki, HDWiki.
  • Developed an information management software.
  • Developed a PowerPoint plug-in interacting with the digital earth and the information management software

    Programming Language Python HTML5 Babel JavaScript ES6 Java SQL CSS Sass Qt R Go
    Library jQuery AJAX React.js D3.js Parse.js socket.io Elasticsearch Beautiful Soup three.js GoogleMap API OpenStreetMap API
    Framework React Native Flask Node.js Express Bootstrap
    Tools npm Bitbucket GitHub JIRA Trello Back4App Tableau Balsamiq Justinmind


  • Developed a web visualization system for analyzing GitHub commit history.
  • Developed a 3D web game about car racing competition.
  • Developed a web visualization system for analyzing students migration in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Developed a P2P file synchronization system.
  • Designed a lo-fi prototype of a visual analysis system for decision-making about space usage in buildings.
  • Developed an image caption generator based on CNN and RNN.
  • Implemented five algorithms on aircraft alignment in remote sensing images.
  • Developed two algorithms for image segmentation based on the graph cut algorithm.

    An advanced pre-positioning method for the force-directed graph visualization based on PageRank algorithm.

    Wenqiang Dong, Fulai Wang, Yu Huang, et al. Computers & Graphics, 47:24-33, 2015.


    An Improved Force-Directed Graph Layout Algorithm Based on Aesthetic Criteria.

    Wenqiang Dong, Xingyu Fu, Guangluan Xu, et al. Computing and Visualization in Science, 16:139-149, 2015.



    Email: dylandong12 AT gmail.com

    Address: 574 Chartwell Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6J 4A5

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